Is there a warranty?

Yes! All of our products are 100% guaranteed for life.

What is the El Toro made of?

The El Toro is made of high-strength steel.

What is the length of the El Toro?

The El Toro comes in standard 3 FT length. It also comes in 4 FT, 5FT, and 6FT. Shorter and longer lengths can be custom ordered.

How much does the El Toro weigh?

The 3 FT El Toro weighs 8 LB.

Why is the EL Toro better than other combo tools?

El Toro is designed to be used on any firefighting call, from car wrecks, to wildland, to forcing entry, to pulling walls and ceilings.

Why is the EL Toro more expensive than pike poles and trash hooks?

El Toro is a much higher quality fire fighter tool. It is %100 high-strength steel. It is also a combo tool that has many uses from either end of the tool, not just a single use tool.

What is the handle for?

The handle is designed for prying. The angle of the handle is for easier access to doors, it brings the tool away from the door making it easier to drive the tool into whatever you need to pry. It also serves as a purchase point tool for vehicle extrications, and can be used as a fulcrum to lift objects off the ground for example cribbing vehicles, lifting doors off hinges.

Why is the head of the tool so sharp and pointy?

The sharp points are a big advantage when it comes to a lot of task. You can easily grab metal roofs, or any other tuff material with ease.

What are the different uses for each end of the tool?

The handle is used for forcing entry, purchase points, and lifting. The head is also used for prying, and penetrating walls and ceilings during overhaul. The shaft of the tool can also be used as a pry tool in many situations. The tool can also be used for saving your own by using the head.

What are different techniques for using El Toro?

Pulling ceilings, and walls to prying, lifting. It can also be used for self rescue, and many other task in day to day operations.

What is the primary use of the tool?

The primary firefighting use of El Toro is overhaul.

Does the tool have a secondary purpose?

Yes, the handle also can be used as a pry tool.

What are the dimensions of the head?

From the point of the hooks to the backbone of the tool it is 6”, and from point to point it is 4”; and from the tip of the tool to where it connects to the shaft of the tool is 6”.

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