Firefighter Tool

Every firefighter knows that the right firefighter gear is essential to making sure that the job gets done quickly and–most importantly–safely. At BA Fire Tools, we know how important having trustworthy, high-performing firefighting equipment is because we’re firefighters ourselves. It’s why we designed El Toro to be the type of firefighting gear we’d want to use.

The El Toro Forcible Entry Firefighting Tool

firefighter toolWe serve in Central Texas and we’re used to being called on–we work in a busy house. We’re also used to serving in extremely hot conditions. Firefighting is tough work. And hauling equipment in hot weather makes it even tougher. We asked ourselves: why carry heavy equipment? And why haul unnecessary equipment?

All-in-One Firefighter Tool Solution

El Toro is a forcible entry firefighting tool designed to save you time and money. It combines a traditional pike pole,a trash/rubbish hook and a pry bar. It’s an all-around workhorse that can be used in tons of situations. You’ll be able use it for forcing entry, pulling walls and ceilings, for breaking locks, as a fulcrum for quick lift and for piercing and penetrating any object. You can also quickly and easily grasp gas valves in order to turn them off. You can save the valuable money your department would spend on buying all of these tools separately and just invest in an El Toro and solve your needs at once.

Lightweight Fire Fighting Equipment

This high-grade steel also makes El Toro incredibly light. El Toro weighs just eight pounds at its three foot length. That compares favorably with all of the irons tools options out there on the market. Fire fighting equipment shouldn’t weigh you down.

The lightness of El Toro also gives you the freedom to use the tool more aggressively and easily. Whether your ripping a ceiling or forcing entry on a locked door, El Toro lets you direct your valuable energy and strength toward movement and thrust–not wasting it on lifting the tool. It means that when you use El Toro, you can use it more strongly.

The El Toro By BA Fire Tools is Tough!

And you don’t have to worry about El Toro being able to stand up to abuse. We know that fire fighting gear is only as good as its ability to deliver time and time again. It’s not about pretty design or cool new concepts–it’s about getting the job done that you say you’ll do. That’s why we’ve made sure El Toro has been extensively tested. It’s made from a single cast, high-strength, high-grade steel. So it’s going to last longer than a lot of those fiberglass tools you see on the market today. That’s why we’re able to stand behind our product so strongly: we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. You can bring your best–your El Toro will not break.

El Toro’s price also makes it a great piece of fire gear. We know that departments don’t have unlimited funds to toss around. When you compare the price of El Toro (and consider its 100% free shipping and lifetime guarantee) with the cost of buying all of the single-use tools it replaces, we’re confident you’ll realize how great a deal it is.


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