Forcible Entry Tool

Every firefighter knows how basic it is to be able to perform forcible entry. It’s one of the oldest and most central responsibilities of firefighting. It’s needed every day. And every firefighter knows that although sometimes it’s a walk in the park, at other times there are few things harder than getting inside a building.

The El Toro Firefighter Forcible Entry Tool

Forcible Entry ToolLots of companies now use hydraulic forcible entry tools. But what are you going to do when the rabbit or bunny gives out? It’s critical when responding to a fire that you know you can rely on a traditional forcible entry tool. One that will give you the leverage and strength you need–when you need it.

El Toro is designed by BA Fire Tools to give you the strongest, most reliable forcible entry tool on the market. El Toro is a brand new, unique design that combines a pike pole, a trash hook, a prying tool and, of course, a forcible entry tool.

A Firefighting Tool That Get’s The Job Done

When you’re at a fire under challenging circumstances and the heat and smoke are making things tough, you want to have the best designed, most useful, most reliable tools to help you get the job done quickly and safely. El Toro delivers. It gives you several unique advantages when you’re trying to force your way into a building. The first is that El Toro is incredibly light but extremely strong.

El Toro is designed as a single piece tool made of high-grade, heat-tested, high-strength steel. Some hooks and prying bars today use fiberglass. But steel is far more dependable. And the strength of this steel allows us to design El Toro with a hollow frame. This means you’re not repeatedly carrying and lifting a heavy tool like The Pig or a Pro-Bar. You’ve got a tool that weighs as little as 8 pounds.

A Forcible Entry Tool That Works

Piercing is incredibly important when trying to force entry. Being able to punch through tough materials–especially doors–to establish a hold is part of the job. El Toro’s penetrating end allows you to break through quickly and easily. And because the tool’s so light, you’ll have the ability to more easily bring all your strength to bear on piercing actions. With El Toro, you can really punch through.

Another aspect that’s critical to forcible entry is establishing a ‘grip’. The handle of El Toro has a unique T style that is angled for easy access to any object that you need to force. You have the leverage and grip to use El Toro as a crow bar. And El Toro’s variable lengths of 3 FT, 4FT, 5FT, 6FT and custom lengths ensure that every firefighter can have a comfortable working position.

Good old destruction is also sometimes part of the job of getting inside. El Toro serves effectively as a wrecking bar that allows you to knock materials out of the way with strength.

El Toro is designed and made by firefighters. We know that a strong, reliable forcible entry tool is essential firefighting tools and equipment. And we also know firefighting isn’t about about being fashionable. It’s about getting the job done, safely. That’s why El Toro has been test and re-tested. So you can have absolute confidence it’ll get the job done when you need it.


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