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When it comes to the tools of the trade for firefighters, the best armor and tools are designed from the experience of actual firefighters with time spent in the field. You can’t design an effective rescue kit in a laboratory. Here are some of the fire tools and gear regularly used on calls that range from first responder duties to full-out firefighting.

Firefighter Gear from BA Fire Tools ShopAWOGS Firefighter Mask Decal

AWOGS Firefighter Mask Decal: A simple yet essential part of the working firefighter’s gear, the AWOG decal offers superior readability with a glowing background and silver reflective lettering.

Captain Jim Fire Hood: Inherently flame resistant, the Captain Jim Fire Hood features flame protection built right into the actual fabric. This through-and-through design ensures the protection won’t fade over time.

Fire Gloves for Superior Safety

Fire Armor Gloves: The most advanced gloves on the market made of 100% Kevlar ®.

Fire Hog Gloves: Cowhide leather gloves that are 60+ TPP rated.

Fire Hog GlovesFire Raider Gloves: Cowhide leather gloves that are flame and heat resistant.

Wildland Gloves: Flexible and durable, these gloves offer superior gripping ability.

New Fireman Tools Now Available

Fire Rescue Diamond Blade 12″: A safe option for forcible entry, extraction, and RIT, the Diamond Blade 12″ is constructed of solid steel that ensures no segment loss or shattering. Their special coating helps them cut faster than traditional blades.Fire Rescue Diamond Blade

Force Plates: A call isn’t the place for practice, and that’s why Force Plates are an essential part of training. Perform many forces on one door for effective training sessions.

Fox Rescue Cutter: When time is of the essence, the Fox Rescue Cutter helps cut seat belts without delay. A simple yet essential tool, the Fox Rescue Cutter is an efficient tool required for a variety of calls.

Garble Guard: Communications may be impacted by airborne debris, and the Garble Guard helps prevent water and other contamination from destroying essential transmissions during an event.

Gator Head Wedge: Accomplish solo entry with the Gator Head Wedge, which has undergone extensive field testing. The tool is specially designed to make it easier to create a gap and hold it. The tool’s unique design bites into the door with precision to reduce slippage.

Shlammer: Designed by working firefighters, the Shlammer is an extraordinarily powerful striking and penetration tool. Its powerful six pound head and 2.25″ striking surface also feature overstrike protection and a 5.5″ chisel.

Snagger Tool: Enhancing the safety of the working firefighter by improving posture, as well as boosting strength and endurance, the Snagger Tool is built from extruded aluminum with a tungsten carbide tip. Its design makes it the ideal hose wrench.Snagger Fire Tool

T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool: Rugged and durable, this adaptable tool will slice through seat belts like butter or perform a window punch with precision. A tool born out of experience, the T3 was developed by an EMT-P, who remains the owner of the manufacturing company.

The Breach Axe: When non-fire fighters think of the profession, the first tool that comes to mind is an axe. The Breach Axe takes a classic tool and improves upon it with a special blade that’s raised higher and pitched forward to allow cutting with far less effort.

Tygh Multi-Function Pocket Tool: This tool helps reduce equipment needs by performing multiple tasks. The tool functions as a pry bar, oxygen wrench, or gas shut-off wrench. The small and lightweight nature of the Tygh, as well as its extreme versatility, make it a required tool.

Zak Rescue Saw: A pry tool meant to remove the interior trim on a vehicle. The saw is manually operated and is meant for extrication events. In the event an extrication requires a new blade, the saw contains storage space for extra blades.

The original El Toro Forcible Entry Firefighting Tool, brought to you from the original source at BA Fire Tools, is still available along with our newly expanded firefighter gear and equipment products.

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