Pike Pole

Traditional pike poles, also known as ceiling hooks, have been used by fire fighters for generations to pull down ceilings and walls to stop a fire’s spread. They can also be used to pull things directly from flames and high heat and to search for hidden fires. A little trivia: The pike pole is where the ‘hook’ in ‘hook n’ ladder’ truck comes from.

The El Toro Is More Than A Pike Pole

pike poleAs today’s firefighter knows, you’ll find a large variety of hook tools out there claiming to do a lot of different things. You know the names: the New York hook, Pro-Bars, The Pig fire tool and Denver tools. But the problem is all of these hook tools have serious drawbacks.

The Pig is heavy to take with you and it combines axes that are going to be taken to the fire anyway. Denver tools are also heavy, also combine firefighter tools that are going to the scene anyway and have fiberglass handles–which aren’t as reliable as steel. Pro-Bars are very heavy to carry around.

All-in-One Firefighting Forcible Entry Tool

El Toro solves these problems. El Toro is a combination pike pole, rubbish hook, pry bar, striking tool and forcible entry tool. It features an entirely new and unique design of the head– which is a piercing tip with a double hook that can penetrate and pry just about anything. Have a wall you need to tear down? A ceiling that needs go to? A door that must be entered, now? El Toro gives you the flexibility to handle all of these situations.

And you don’t have to worry about any fiberglass giving out. The shaft is made of high-strength, high-grade steel that will stand up to abuse for years and years to come. This high-strength steel is what also allows you to take care of any lifting and prying you need to accomplish on-site. It’s also what gives you the strength you need when piercing tough materials.

Lightweight Fireman Equipment

El Toro’s high-strength steel design also allows it to be be lighter than other tools on the market. The 3 FT El Toro weighs just 8 pounds! This lightness is achieved through the strength of the steel allowing for a hollow design. One of the challenges on any call is fatigue. Why carry unnecessarily heavy equipment to a scene? Why have to lift unnecessarily heavy equipment repeatedly?

The handle is also unique due to the T style that is angled for easy access to any object that needs to be forced. And when you’re on scene and need to shut off a gas valve, El Toro quickly grips and and gives you the leverage to do it.

The El Toro is also available in a variety of lengths, to meet the needs of any firefighter. Standard lengths are 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet and 6 feet. Custom lengths are also available upon request.

And El Toro’s pricing makes it a great deal for any company. At $245-$285, you’re investing in a product that is 100% guaranteed and will last a lifetime. It will also allow you to avoid re-buying the tools it replaces–like your current pike poles and pry bars. And shipping is 100% free.


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