Firefighter Hoods & Headgear

The safety of a firefighter starts right at the top – at the top of the head, that is. Protection of the head is absolutely vital to the protection of firefighters, as head injuries are a serious risk in the line of duty. Hence, one of the most important pieces of fire fighting equipment is headgear.

There are many different components of firefighter apparel that must be worn on the head to fully guard firefighters from the hazardous elements that firemen face directly every day, such as scorching flames, falling debris, and unstable structurally unsafe buildings. Fire helmets keep the majority of the head safe as its thick, hard shell shields it from fire and falling rubble. Fire hoods, on the other hand, supplement fire helmets to protect the areas such as the ears, face, and front of the neck that are left exposed when wearing a helmet alone. Masks, another essential piece of fireman turnout gear, are worn to defend against toxic smoke and heat, which are harmful to our bodies both internally and externally.

Under all of this equipment, it can be difficult to distinguish one individual firefighter from another. A mask decal solves this problem, as its reflective lettering allows you to recognize other members of your department even from a distance.

Whether you’re looking for a firefighter hood, fireman helmet, or protective mask accessories, BA Firetools offers headgear options that are NFPA 1971 certified and provide maximum comfort without compromising protection. As fire equipment suppliers and firemen ourselves, we pride ourselves on carrying the most cutting edge, high quality products in the industry that will keep you protected from head to toe.

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