Proper fire fighting equipment protects you in the line of duty by shielding your body in the dangerous situations you face everyday. One of the most important, yet commonly undervalued pieces of firefighter gear are gloves. Failure to wear gloves can result in burns, cuts and other serious injuries to the hands. Hence, although they may be an afterthought among other firefighter apparel, such as helmets, footwear, and protective clothing, gloves are an essential item on every list of fire man equipment.

At BA Firetools, we understand how vital it is for fire fighting gear to be as functional as it is protective. As we have served and continue to serve as Dallas firefighters, we know that wearing ill fitting or defected gloves can lead to as much, if not more, harm than not wearing them at all. In an occupation where speed and agility are a must, a bulky or constricting glove could be counterproductive and inefficient. Poor quality gloves could even prevent you from keeping a strong, safe grip on a victim while moving them out of harms way. Hence, we offer only the best, most cutting-edge protective gloves available. Selected by firefighters for firefighters, each pair is form fitting, non-restrictive, and maximizes finger agility for ultimate protection and performance.

Browse our selection of protective gloves to find the best match for your needs and other fire fighter turnout gear.

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