Product Review: Glove Crafter “Fire Armor Gloves”

thumbnailAs a firefighter, you face danger every day. You’re exposed to fire, smoke, debris, and falling structures. Proper fire fighting equipment helps keep you safe by shielding your body in dangerous situations in the line of duty. One of the most important, yet commonly underestimated components of a protective ensemble are gloves. Among the other necessities like helmets, footwear, and fire-resistant garments, gloves are often considered an afterthought or throwaway item.

Gloves: An Under-Rated Piece of Firefighter Gear

Hand protection while firefighting is extremely important. Failure to wear gloves is not an option as it can result in burns and other serious injuries to the hands. However, wearing poor quality or defected gloves can also lead to harm. If a glove is too bulky or restrictive on hand movements, it could be counterproductive and lead to inefficiency. For example, when rescuing someone from a burning building, ill-fitting gloves could prevent you from keeping a good, safe grip while moving them out of harms way. In an occupation where you must be quick and agile, a firefighter’s glove should be as functional as it is protective.

A Glove as Functional as it is Protective

For firefighters looking for the most cutting-edge protective gloves available, look no further than Glove Crafter Fire Armor gloves. Made right here in the USA, Fire Armor gloves are certified to NFPA 1971-2007 by the Safety Equipment Institute and are available in XXSmall through 3XLarge to ensure that every firefighter is able to find a comfortable and protective fit.


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Its one-piece shell is made from FR 100% 7.5 OZ Kevlar knit fleece, resulting in glove that is water repellant and immune to exposure to chemicals, viruses, and blood borne pathogens. A 3 dimensional, form-fitting design surrounds each finger, every fochette made from 3.5oz to 4oz of black Flexor cowhide to meet NFPA’s flame test for maximum finger dexterity. This glove also includes an inset thumb and enhanced finger agility to keep firefighter hands protected but nimble. A layered, non-restrictive leather knuckle band provides extra knuckle protection.

Although the material is thick enough to protect your hands from harm, it is also breathable with a unique adhesive coating on the finger, thumb, and palm areas, meeting NFPA requirements for liner retention.

A firefighter’s hands are in the most danger when exposed during a fire. This is the last thing anyone wants to worry about when in the middle of fighting a fire. With its gauntlet cuff and sewn-in elastic, the fear of a Fire Armor glove slipping off on the scene is non-existent. The gloves give a close yet comfortable and non-restrictive feel.

When there’s a call for help, you do not have time to sift through a drawer or desk to find your gloves. Each Fire Armor glove includes a convenient leather loop for hanging on a hook nearby. By hanging both gloves together as a pair, you can locate them easily when you need them in a hurry.

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