Dolmar PS-6100 “HOTSHOT” With Saw Armor


Product Description

The Dolmar PS-6100 “HOTSHOT” With Saw Armor is one of the most adaptable and capable firefighting saws on the market today.  The Saw Armor provides sturdy protection so your saw will last over the years.  The Hotshot features a large fuel tank so you get up to thirty minutes of operation from each tank fill.  Pre-cleaning of air intake significantly reduces dirt particles.  The tool-less change and easy cleaning of the Longlife Filter System gives you extended work time.  The spring-assisted starter  helps significantly reduce resistance and the primer pump makes starting much easier.  MPI (Memory-Power-Ignition) technology allows for easy re-starts.  The engine of the hotshot turns off with just a single push of the button.  There is vibration damping for easier, less stressful control. a lateral chain tensioner for uncomplicated re-tensioning of the saw chain, a SafetyMatic chain brake, a centrifugal clutch with three weights, and up to twenty percent less fuel consumption and low emissions.

The Hotshot is an easy-to-use, powerful and adaptable saw for any firefighting situation.



  • Model:
    61 cc (3.7 cu. in)
    Power rating
    3.4 kW (4.5 HP)
    Max engine speed
    13,800 rpm
    Net weight
    6.0 kg (13.22 lbs)
    Fuel tank capacity
    0.8 l (27 oz)
    Oil tank capacity
    0.48 l (16.2 oz)
    Vibration damping
    Chain tensioning
    Lateral tensioning
    Automatic oilpump
    Standard guide bar
    Optional guide bar


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