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EL Toro is a brand new innovative combo tool that was designed by firefighters for firefighters. From the double hooked head to the pry bar handle, EL Toro is an all-around work horse.

Please note that the tool is measured by shaft length; the head and handle add an additional 8 inches. Therefore, a 3ft EL Toro is actually 3 ft 8 inches.


Product Description

EL Toro is re-defining firefighting gear.  It’s a brand new, multi-use tool that is an essential piece of equipment for every firefighter.   It’s a combination pike pole, rubbish hook, pry bar, striking tool and forcible entry tool. El Toro’s unique head–with piercing tip and double hook–can penetrate and pry virtually anything.

El Toro is an innovative instrument that was designed by firefighters for firefighters. From the double hooked head to the pry bar handle, EL Toro is an all-around work horse.

Many tools in the fire service today are single-use.  That’s an inefficient approach to firefighting that ends up requiring you to carry more gear.   With El Toro, one tool allows you to leave a bunch of other equipment at the house.   EL Toro can be used for just about anything in day-to-day firefighting.  El Toro can break locks, turn off gas valves, act as a trash/rubbish hook and as a pry bar.  You can also use El Toro to force entry, pull walls and ceilings, as a fulcrum for lifting and for penetrating and piercing just about any surface.

El Toro also has the strength to hold up under the toughest situations.  Many of your tools today are made with flimsy plastic or fiberglass handles–and low-grade steel. EL Toro, on the other hand, is 100% high-strength steel, and has been put to the test on the fire ground.

El Toro is also incredibly light–certainly lighter than competing products on the market. The 3 FT El Toro weighs just 8 pounds.  The high-strength steel allows for a hollow center. This lightness comes in handy when you’re on the scene and carrying other equipment.  It also gives you the ability to have full leverage when swinging in order to pierce or penetrate. It’s important to point out that a lot of other products on the market today try to achieve this lightness with fiberglass.  But fiberglass just can’t deliver the same durability and dependability as steel.  El Toro allows you to avoid the fatigue of carrying heavy equipment while giving you the confidence that your tool has the strength not to break.  In fact, it’s this high-strength steel design that allows us to offer a 100% life-time guarantee.

There are a lot of hook tools out there today–the New York hook, Pro-Bars, The Pig. But they all have serious drawbacks.  Many of them are simply very heavy to carry around.  As active firefighters, we know how much of a challenge that can present.

El Toro stands alone when it comes to usability and durability. We’re firefighters ourselves and we take a lot of pride in building the best tools on the market that will stand the test of time.  Tools that we’re proud and excited to use ourselves. There’s no question that each time you step off the truck you will be reaching for your El Toro.

We designed El Toro to be used in the field and we’ve been very happy and proud to see it adopted by more and more firefighting companies.  When you use your El Toro at a fire, please let us know!  These are the stories that motivate us.








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