Fire Rescue Diamond Blade
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Fire Rescue Diamond Blade 12″


Product Description

The Fire Rescue Diamond Blades are the blades that work for forcible entry, RIT, extrication and any other need you have on the scene.  The cut faster and safer than traditional abrasive blades.  Fire Rescue Diamond Blades are the saw blades for the fire fighting professional.

Fire Rescue Diamond Blades are incredibly safe–they’re made of solid steel that eliminates segment loss, shattering and silicon carbide dust.  These blades have a coat of vacuum-brazed diamond that makes them the fastest-cutting and most effective blades available to firefighters–anywhere.

They’re also–by far–the most cost-effective solution for your fire department.   Fire Rescue Diamond Blades outlast abrasive fire rescue blades 150 to 1.  That’s right, 150 to 1!  So you don’t have to keep wasting money on new blades.  It’s one of the reasons Fire Rescue Diamond Blades are the most used blades by firefighting departments in the US and Canada.  They come with a Life Time Operator Error Warranty and they’ve been proven on metal braces, locks and shackles, hockey puck locks, security gates, chain link fence, car doors and bulletproof glass, galvanized steel guard rails, wood, drywall, 2x4s, plywood, stucco, concrete and rebar.



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