Tygh Multi-function Pocket Fire Tool
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Product Description

The Tygh Multi-Function Pocket Tool is designed by a firefighter for firefighters.  It’s small and lightweight, proudly Made in America and it’s unique design is patent-pending.  It’s made of solid one-piece 1045 carbon steel.  It’s heat treated for premium strength and zinc plated for ultimate corrosion resistance.

The Tygh Multi-Function Pocket Tool is 7 1/4″ long and 4 5/8″ wide.  It can basically do anything a firefighter needs it to do.   It can be used as a pry bar, a spanner wrench (for coupling and uncoupling hose), a gas shut-off wrench, an oxygen wrench, a door keeper, it has a 10′ loop of paracord 550 on the handle for multiple different uses, it is a rope hose tool to secure ladders and hose, it’s a striking tool/hammer, a tempered glass breaker, a nail puller, a chisel, an overhaul tool, a marlin spike, an anchor point for ropes, a 1/2″ wrench that changes gas powered circular saw blades and an emergency tourniquet.  It can also operate standpipe valves and gate valves that are missing the water control wheel or handle.


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